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Indeed no 3-D indeed

This may be me being a stick-in-the-mud: I'm not seeing Toy Story 3 yet. It can wait.

It can wait for a nicely Portland reason: we're lousy with good second-run theaters. Usually beer-and-pub-grub theaters, and -- more importantly for my purposes -- all theaters that won't be showing Toy Story 3 in 3-D. I decided to wean myself from going to 3-D screenings. I feel best about seeing first Coraline and then Avatar in 3-D, but as much as I enjoyed, say, last year's Up, it didn't add a great amount to the experience for me. Plus it's more expensive. PLUS plus there's the chance of the 3-D being done badly, like with Clash of the Titans.

No particularly cool theater in Portland is showing Toy Story 3 in 2-D. One of the best screens, the Roseway, has the 3-D version; I'll go to the Roseway for other shows. I could go out to the Century (now Cinemark) Eastport, where the film would certainly be presented handsomely, but I realized I wasn't excited about that. Or the St. John's Twin, as it's probably showing in the tiny upstairs screening room -- the appropriate place for Clerks 2, but not something visually grander.

But I can totally get behind seeing Toy Story 3 in the Bagdad, the Laurelhurst, or the Academy -- which I went to for the first time today, and yep, it's a neat place run by people with a sense of humor.

I can consider and do stuff like this. I deliberately saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the Cinemagic because the theater looks like how it probably looked in the Eighties. It has ambiance. Ambiance that was even more appropriate for the grimy joys of Sin City and Grindhouse.

So. Toy Story 3 shall wait. It's also not like a Disney-Pixar flick is going to go out of print anytime soon, too...

(Okay, world, don't suddenly have a nuclear holocaust, which is probably the only thing that could cause a Disney-Pixar flick to go out of print anytime in the next few decades...)
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