Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Scurrying Brain

My mind, dealing with tough news, is going in all sorts of directions.

The mental radio has bounced between Broken Bells's "The High Road" (the video of which greygirlbeast posted here) and, for some reason, The Beatles's "Paperback Writer."

I go between crying and laughing. Hell, I'm still trying to be funny on Twitter and make other people laugh. (Pro Tip: one can still get joke mileage out of the Unexplained Babylon 5 Dream Raven.) I'm also getting nice messages about my other news, the genuinely awesome news, and I will write about that here later, when I feel up for it.

No surprise, life keeps being a circle, or something poetic like that. Great news and sad news in less than a day. Happens sometimes. Happens a lot. And then the next stuff happens, and we react to that. Life keeps happening, and I would not prefer the alternative.

There's a behind-the-scenes Star Trek story I love. William Shatner's father died while Shatner was shooting the Classic Trek episode "The Devil in the Dark." He wrapped up the day's shooting and flew home for the funeral, and days later came back to L.A. with one more thing to shoot: Kirk reacting to Spock's painful mindmeld with the enraged Horta that's been killing to protect its eggs. Shatner is a jokester and goof by nature, and wanted to show everyone that he still could be that, so he got Leonard Nimoy's help in blowing a take: instead of Spock's barely restrained "Pain...pain...," Nimoy SCREAMED "PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINNNNNNNN! PAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNN!" And Shatner yelled "Jesus Christ, get that Vulcan an aspirin!," and everyone laughed.

I'm back. I also just laughed as I recounted that. Not my hardest laugh, not by far, but I laughed.

Be nice to each other. Thank goodness that covers a huge range of acts, whether it's being gentle, making someone collapse laughing, wild sex in the working class (and every other social level), or just listening. Just being there. Because, again, the alternative can be tough.

Tags: star trek

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