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Good lord, I'm on film. How did that happen?

Or at least I'm on footage.

Today's post-blood donation food treat was Big-Ass Sandwiches. And it was a special day at the Big-Ass Sandwiches cart; they're shooting a commercial. They already have a jingle, by Portland's fun punk band The Punk Group, and an ad is the latest step in their march on Portland media.

I shot a testimonial. I'd ordered the Pork Hammer -- ham, sausage, bacon and coleslaw along with their fries topping the whole thing -- and a guy with a video camera shot me eating it, and talking about it, and also shouting "Me!" like one of the guys in the jingle. (Right before I did that, I said, louder than conversationally, "I'm about to yell." I didn't want to surprise a family walking past. Sounds like I didn't. I do try to be well-behaved when yelling.)

I also told the cameraman, "You can tell I'm not an actor." Good thing I can relax enough to just be me when I'm on camera.

If my sammich-eatin' face shows up in the ad, you bet your ass I'll link you to it. I'm amused by film of me. I cringe at it, but I'm still amused by it.

Then I walked a long walk, which is a good idea after eating a Big-Ass Sandwich. (The Woods said they'd weighed a Pork Hammer sandwich earlier that day, and it weighed two pounds. That's a big Twinkie a lot of sandwich.) Because it's closed to cars and it'll be closed to walkers and bicyclists soon, I walked across the Broadway Bridge and looked at the streetcar construction now underway on it. Then, ducking into shade whenever I could, I got to Rose Quarter Transit Center to get a bus home. Taking it easy now. And still digesting the Pork Hammer.
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