Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More remembrance

Now in the hands of my friend Tarah Grant: my memorial letter for Mrs. Webb, our high school journalism teacher who passed away last week. I e-mailed it to Tarah, who will print it out and leave it in the memorial book at tomorrow's ceremony, over in Virginia.

Maybe later I'll post what I wrote, as it is meant to be public and not just for the eyes of Mrs. Webb's family. (It is also different from my first piece remembering Mrs. Webb.) But technology has helped me add my thoughts to the many thoughts people are having about her, and for her.

Thank you, Tarah, for doing this for me.

I wrote the piece last night. Strange, conflicting night for me. Tired after a week that felt long even with just four work days. Punchy from being tired. I was sad at times; I laughed my bark-laugh at other times. My emotions were -- variable. But I soldiered through that, shall we say, emotional stew to get that writing done; I'd set last night as my personal deadline.

I slept all right after that. (Better than some recent nights, including the night where right before waking I dreamed of riding in a car that started to drive towards oncoming traffic. That unsettled me. And much better than the recent night where I fell asleep with my night stand light still on, which means I don't get deep enough into sleep to be actually rested once I awake.)

Continuing to try to do my best to take care of myself, during what, you may have gathered, has been an up-and-down time. But I wanted to be sure I gave some further remembrance to Mrs. Webb.

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