Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Darting and Jumping

I ran errands last night. One wound up requiring jogging. I picked up CDs at the central library, which closes at 6 on Thursdays, and due to lots of traffic off of Pill Hill sfter work and continued lots of traffic into downtown Portland, I wound up getting off the bus well short of my bibliotechical goal and hauling ass (or at least schlepping ass) through the South Park Blocks and down S.W. 10th to get to the library at 5:55. But made it, I did. Now I have county copies of Johnny Cash at San Quentin and Demon Days by Gorillaz. My Greek name is Eclecticus!

Then I could more leisurely get to the eastbound Max train and ride to Lloyd Center; there I picked up the black-and-white photos I took at Tarah and John's wedding. Yay! Now I need to pack up one set of prints and the accompanying photo CD and mail 'em to Virginia, as that's the rest of my wedding gift to John and Tarah.

Earlier than that, I had an amusing time Wednesday night at the second Pirates of the Caribbean. Now that's a cracked-out movie, and made me laugh much, especially a well-chosen moment of no-music (just as important, really, as choosing when there should be music) when Captain Jack Sparrow realizes something's behind him (yes I'm treating it like a spoiler, so no more detail than that). I'm not OMG-OMG in love with POTC2 as some of my friends are, but I didn't get totally caught up in the first one either, beyond laughing quite a bit. Still, I think now I can take as my slogan "Complications arose, ensued, were overcome." Oh, and...Naomie Harris. As Tia Dalma. Is hot, hot, hot. (I'm surprised I can't find more photos of Ms. Harris as Tia Dalma online yet, but based on people's strong reactions to her (like Caitlin's!), I'm sure more will appear. 'til then, t'will serve.) (Edit: Dead link gone. Just take my word for it until someone's nice enough to reply with a Tia Dalma icon. ;-)
Tags: film reviews, music, peregrinations, portland

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