Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And with that, the world grows more elegant

My walk to work currently takes me past giant ads for Mad Men.

The front windows of the store at the front northeast corner of the Fox Tower was first festooned last week with giant ads of the abstract black-white-red image of Don Draper sitting with his cigarette, and this was to advertise the contest that could win someone a walk-on on this show. This week there are now giant photos: Jon Hamm as Don in one, January Jones as Betty Draper in another. (No Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway yet, sadly, but if you need a Hendricks fix, here you go.)

Ahhhhh; again I'm not the first to appreciate this, but the so-elegant look of that show and its characters contrasted with the damnably inelegant chaos the characters must weather, much of it brought upon themselves for being difficult, entitled people -- that gets me. This is one of those shows I've only seen parts of, but see more I shall. I appreciate its success, and its influence. I hope it means more people think about what we can be glad we didn't keep from the early 60s. Strange, difficult time. Contrasts with this strange, difficult time, I'm sure, but that's not a comparison I can really make at this time. I could after, of course, seeing more of it.

In short: elegant. I can get behind that.

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