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That was needed.

What's a good time to reconnect with someone? Reconnecting being easier now with Facebook and other Internet tools, maybe we reconnect more often, but we still can't know the potential news you'll run into when reconnecting.

I stab-in-the-dark found the profile of Derek, one of my call center co-workers, and sent him a friend request. He and I worked together from 2002 to 2004, and had dealings on-and-off after that, then years of not running into each other. Plus I know he moved more than once in that time, so it was less likely we'd run into each other randomly on the street as we've done in the past, but the internet...yeah, you know.

Said former co-worker is now married.

And said former co-worker is now also a dad.

This...this was a good time to reconnect.

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