Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Voice Post: First report from San Diego Comic Con

265K 1:21
“I made it. I am in San Diego. I am at the hotel, and I have not yet gone to the convention center but I can see it from my hotel room, and -- [giggles] -- yes, I can giggle about this and chuckle about this: I just shared an elevator with Stan Lee! I *really am* at Comic-Con.

OK, getting to the airport went fine, getting into the air went fine, getting wheels on the ground went fine. We were approaching San Diego, I started looking for landmarks, and I saw the Coronado Bridge, then I saw palm trees, then I saw an aircraft carrier docked... Plenty of signs that this is San Diego and not some remarkable facsimile; I MADE IT. [chuckles]

So, checking in, and left a message with the TFAW [Things From Another World] guy who's going to get me my pass for the upcoming shenanigans. Wheels on the ground. I've made it.”

Transcribed by: chris_walsh
Tags: sdcc, voice

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