Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

San Diego achieved!

I'm here.

I've wandered, gawked, and laughed a lot: that impressed/surprised laugh I like to laugh, because this is an AMAZING crowd of people geeking out.

Getting here was no problem. I admit I felt a little lost when I arrived, but I might be getting my bearings. :-) While flying in, I wanted reassurance that this was San Diego, and seeing aircraft carriers (the Nimitz and the Abraham Lincoln) in the harbor were extra assurance of that.

I've seen kradical and I think I saw Ron Moore from Battlestar Galactica being herded towards a panel. Hoping to run into more people and say hi; if I do, I'll tell you who then. :-)

Computer time here is, no surprise, expensive, so I'll wrap up. Huzzah! No, that should be Excelsior! Because I saw Stan Lee.
Tags: sdcc

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