Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

ARRRRRRGH (Later note: "Argh" gone. Read below for more!)

You'll have to take my word for this...

I had a bunch of pictures of Comic-Con yesterday. Emphasis on "had." I turned on my digital camera this morning to get "Warning! Battery exhausted."

HOW? No warning last night about that, and I'm sure I didn't leave it on overnight or something.

So me with Frank Darabont and Drew Struzan? Only in my head (and, admittedly, the signed The Walking Dead poster I got from them). A nice kradical smile? Will have to be recreated in person, which happens plenty as he's a smilin' guy. Muthafrakin' Voltron walking the exhibit hall: gone.

At least I paint word-pictures.


Okay, I'll feel better after I eat.

Edited For Future Reference: I panicked! I still had my photos! I got new batteries in the camera and the pics were still there! I felt MUCH better after that. That is all.
Tags: sdcc

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