Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I exist! And exciting sightings in elevators

Still recovering from San Diego Comic Con. Managed to be functional, if draggy, Monday at work. A post or posts about Comic Con are forthcoming and growing in a Word document, so you will hear my thoughts (and see my pictures) eventually.

Here's a teaser:

How's this for a sign I was in a different, special place? Friday late morning, after I'd checked into my hotel, I started towards a hotel elevator and also showing up at that elevator was STAN THE MAN LEE, plus an assistant talking into a phone or walkie-talkie to make sure other people who ran things knew where Stan Lee was. I SHARED AN ELEVATOR WITH STAN LEE. It reminded me of that "I'm in a different place" feeling I had when I was at San Francisco International Airport's Arrivals area in 2007 and a guy walked by in a NASA jumpsuit.

Another time in another elevator (I made a voice post about this even) I ran into Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters. He was wearing a T-shirt, not his usual button-down lab shirt. Attention anyone hot for Jamie: he is built. Strong upper body. Not anything I'd've noticed on the show. He had on his beret too. (But his mustache? Totally fake.)

Also, I think Guillermo Del Toro tried to hold an elevator for me. Thank you, Mr. Del Toro!
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