Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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28 days from now is gonna be bizzzz-ay

My whole life
Was like a picture of a sunny day
That song ("Modern Girl") was the first Sleater-Kinney song to come to my mind after I (yay!) bought a ticket to the Saturday, August 12th show by the about-to-go-on-indefinite-hiatus band. I got it! I got it!

I reached the end of the ticket line soon after 11 a.m., when it was already two blocks down from the Crystal Ballroom box office with an hour to go before the scheduled noon start of ticket sales. The tickets are for the last two shows Sleater-Kinney are likely to do. It's a two-night stand at the club, the same place where I saw Janeane Garofalo in February 2002. I waited, read, and snapped some shots with a one-use camera. Sales started about 20 minutes early, which was good for us line people because phone and on-line sales were to start at 1:00 p.m. People near me worried that the box office wouldn't be finished with our sales before then, but we made it.

Now I have more planning to do related to that weekend. I'll be at the S-K show Saturday night. The next morning is the Providence Bridge Pedal and Bridge Stride. I want to do the Stride, too. So I'll need to be rested enough and fed enough and hydrated enough to go on a five-mile walk after a rock show.

So that means no alcohol. Not that I was likely to have it anyway...

Meanwhile, woo hoo! I'll get to see the band one more time!

*fist pump*
Tags: music, portland

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