Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Twenty-two hours from now...

...I will be at the Roseland for the first time.

Seeing "Weird Al" Yankovic for the first time.

A friend has confirmed that Al is in town -- ran into him at Powell's -- and this makes me smile. That'll Keep Portland Weird!

I've been a "Weird Al" fan since 1983. Have each album of his. He was one of the musicians Alicia and I bonded over when we were dating. (Danny Elfman was another.) Back in 2003 I nearly pissed myself laughing at his song "Bob," where even the title is part of the joke. And next I'll have the "Weird Al" concert experience, which I've heard is special. The dude THROWS HIMSELF into his live shows. It's a real workout for him. Plus he plays parodies that he doesn't have the right to put on albums, so I'll likely hear music of his I've never heard. All sorts of good!
Tags: music

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