Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

*facepalm* *headdesk* *hand hurt by intersection of hand and desk*

I've been concerned that I'm not doing certain parts of my job well enough.

I'd also been hearing discussions in the office late last week about issues with "Chris." Issues that sounded like issues with the parts of my job I'm not sure I've done well enough.

I got wound up and worried because of that. So much so that I forgot that Chris is a really freaking common name.

(When Mom and Dad were deciding on names for me+, they couldn't decide between Christopher or Michael, so they named me Christopher Michael. They found out afterwards that Christopher was the most popular name for boys in 1973 and Michael the second most popular. I've known many Christophers, Michaels, and Christopher Michaels. I worked with a Christopher Michael at one job. And once in college, I was in a 20-person class...five of us named Chris.)

You can tell where this is going. It was a different Chris, someone not with the company but with ties to it (yes I'm vague and I'll stay vague) who'd caused an annoying situation for certain supervisors of mine. And my office is, I'm glad to say, not the sort of passive-aggressive office where they'd talk about a person just loud enough for said person to hear. Also the issues were the sorts of issues that, had they been about me, I'd've heard about it within an hour of starting work this morning. I didn't, and time went on, and I overheard further "Chris"-related discussions, and I knew more then.

Goddammit, why does worrying have to be one of my special skills??!

I've kept this thought in my head lately: I worry too much. I'm working to get over that. This is a bump in that road. Thank you for listening. Good night.

+ Though, I believe, had I been a girl, I would've been Kristina. And also, based on mom's genetics, I probably would've had a well-developed rack.
Tags: work

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