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Noodles, avocadoes, soy sauce, and onions make things better.

I know that now. I admit, I was tired and lazy and cooked up ramen noodles (Top Ramen, too, not even ramen with cachet), and I added onions to the broth and avocado pieces on the side for dipping in order to make it a little more healthy...though the health may have been negated by the amount of soy sauce I used, but I have low blood pressure, I can handle the salt.

But yes, it was satisfying.

Ten hours in and near the office today, leaving only to run a bank errand this morning. I started early and finished late, as A) Monday mornings are always packed, B) I had to prep food and equipment for meetings and C) tonight we were printing out a big-ass "book," the marketing binder we send to a prospective client to say "Hey! You should totally hire us to build your building!" (The language is a liiiiiittle more formal than that.) Long, running-around day, but I got plenty of compliments because of it. Gee, people like being fed. Who'd've thought?

I wound down after work with insane and loud music. Film scores: first Hans Zimmer's score to the mid-90s Wesley Snipes action flick Drop Zone (I love that the most epic and loud cue is titled "Too Many Notes - Not Enough Rests") and Basil Poledouris's RoboCop. I took advantage of this music to be bouncy, and to air-conduct the music. That's a workout!

Tomorrow involves a work errand. I get to deliver that book I mentioned. An hour on the road to the agency searching for a general contractor to build something we can't say what it is yet, an hour on the road back. My first big such errand had me driving to an agency based two-and-a-half hours away in Auburn, Washington. This will be easier.
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