Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A different meaning of "bed head"

This morning started out blearily. (Phew: "blearily" is a word. Means "in a bleary way.") Pretty deep sleep, but interrupted a time or two, and somehow that combined to cause or at least influence a dream that makes me wake up a little worried that something that can't happen has somehow happened. Last night's dream was set in a place so much like my current apartment building that, when I dreamed of someone having a key that somehow works to start my car, I woke up wondering if my car would still be there. (And trust me, that's not the most bizarre dream I've had about my car.)

Anyway, I woke up in a bleary way. And my feet are still sore from all my darting-and-jumping Monday. Good thing I'll definitely be sitting more today, because one can't drive while standing up. Except for a Segway.

(I just imagined myself on the freeway on a Segway. This made me chuckle.)

ANYWAY anyway. I'm more awake now. Thank you, Internet and the radio, for helping me un-blear. Is un-blear a word?
Tags: dreams

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