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(Some of) the truth about Blackstar Warrior!

That trailer for the legendary long-lost blaxploitated-Star Wars film Blackstar Warrior? Y'know, the one I told you about, including links to that documentary about it? If you guessed that there was no way this film could've been real, you were right. THE REALITY IS ITS OWN KIND OF COOL.

Blackstar Warrior is the brainchild of writer and blaxploitation appreciator David Walker, a.k.a. Bad Azz Mofo, and director Matt Haley. They wrote and shot it in Portland very quietly. Walker created, I think, a pretty credible rationale for how such a movie could have existed, which is so important when doing alt-history stuff like this. Making your created stuff fit into remembered history is delicate business. It's one of the reasons the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine is so bad, because (for example) it recreates at least one huge event of the 1970s badly and sloppily. We would've remembered if history had happened like that! But Walker and Haley slip their film into the 1970s gently, smoothly, caressingly... (Heh. Got carried away there.)

I got in on what was happening last week, talking to Walker at the Bagdad before Jurassic Park, so I first watched the trailer knowing what was up with it. What I didn't notice is that someone I know is in it! Remember the female Stormtroopers? The one on the right is local gallery proprietor, performer and photography model Merrick Monroe, who I run into at many events. I wish I'd spotted her on my own. Of course, I get to spot her in reality, and I am not saying that as a complaint. She's good people.

Walker admits the reality behind Blackstar Warrior in this Bad Azz Mofo entry and gives much more detail in yesterday's episode of The Cort and Fatboy Show, where he also laments that the blaxploitation craze didn't last long enough for real blaxploitation Star Warses or Alien films to happen. (By the way, Walker is the only person in that documentary who appears as himself. It's a meta-moment that he, I'm sure, was happy to take part in. And there's even more messing-with-reality tied into this that I won't spoil for you. All I'll say is that Blackstar Warrior got mentioned on a local TV show, including a detail that -- isn't what it appears to be.)

Being a fan and friend of David Walker, and enjoying what he and Haley did, I want this to lead to Things That Are Cool for the both of them. A calling card is what it is. May someone call.
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