Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


How long has it been since I'd washed my car? Too long. How long has it been since I'd hand-washed my car? Also way too long and I'm out of practice, but the car is a leeeetle cleaner now and that's good.

Stopped at the self-wash place at SE 26th and Holgate, because the poor thing was dingy. (It was dingy enough and used little enough that about two months ago my landlord gave me a note asking me to move my derelict car! I sent him a message: Dude, I do use it and that ended the issue of potential car eviction, but yeah, it was a reminder (one of a few) that I needed to get the poor thing washed.)

Didn't do all that good a job, but I HAD FUN DOING IT. High-pressure hoses equal comedy! I did go all Scarface and said "Say hello to my little friend!" (FYI, I haven't even seen Scarface), and -- a little more obscurely -- said "Marines! We are leaving" from James Cameron's Aliens. I scrubbed and rinses and scrubbed and rinsed and got some of the grime off the thing. Still, next time maybe I should leave the job to professionals. Or machines. Or hot cheerleaders. (Hey, I'm a straight male, just not always an obvious one.)

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