Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Family, and geek solidarity

Hitting the road later! Two destinations: the main one will be my parents' place in Dundee, because my brother's family -- my brother T.J., his wife Cindy, and their twin boys Robbie and Eric -- will be semi-settled in by then for a 10-day visit and this is my first chance to see them during that.

Before arriving there, I'll stop at a particular movie theater on the way and make sure I see, opening weekend, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I'd first figured on seeing it next weekend, the way I waited to see Cloverfield, but my geek solidarity now asks me to make sure I see it its opening weekend -- kind of like how I made sure to see Star Trek last year for pay after seeing it for free at a preview. In this case, it's a comic book movie, it's apparently really good, it's based on a book that's published out of Portland (by Oni Press), and it looks like it can use more support. Thus, this.

But first, laundry must finish and I must feed myself...

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