Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Extra dose of family!

Many meetings of many Walshes today. Or more than usual.

My brother's family safely made it to Mom and Dad's in Dundee, and tomorrow they'll hit the road for the coast. My nephews love the coast: Seaside, OR was their first exposure to it several years ago, and reportedly they ran to the ocean like it was the world's biggest puppy. They'll enjoy being back. Next weekend there'll be a shindig at Mom and Dad's so I'll be out that way again.

Back to today, not only did I make it to Dundee, but so did all of my cousins from Dayton, OR, including Jeff, who doesn't live there anymore. He lives in Manhattan, but he was making his annual summer trip. I didn't know he was back, but there he was, with his Winchester Brothers handsomeness, a tattoo I hadn't seen before, and an amused glint in his eye. His younger sister Cindy was also visiting, but that's easier to do, as she lives pretty close to Mom and Dad.

Wasn't expecting the house to have 11 Walshes all at once, but I am NOT complaining.

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