Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Rev up the mind

Oh. It is Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday felt like a few days packed into two. That was mainly due to work: long day Monday, almost a long day Tuesday because I almost had to run a late errand to s place an hour away from our office. Someone else already headed that way was able to take care of it (yay! One benefit of getting delayed!), but even with that and a late dose of caffeine for me, in preparation for my potential errand, I was tired by day's end and glad I could just go home instead. Yeah, I got a lot done the past two days.

Thank everything I slept well after that.

Yes, I blog about my amount of sleep. Sometimes I also blog about my dreams.

I don't want this entry to get too random, but I think trying to stretch this out will cause it to get more random so, for now, I'll close this.
Tags: work

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