Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Abortive Trekkin'

Okay, as crazy-busy as my work week has been, it keeps almost being crazier.

Yesterday, I almost ran an after-work errand to Salem. One hour away.

Today, I almost ran an after-work errand to Bend. Three hours away.

Circumstances changed and others were or are able to do these trips -- people who were going to do them anyway! -- but it's a reminder: for this job I need to be up for almost anything. At least anything legal.

When I told one co-worker what I almost did today, she said she would have laughed at that request. (She also said I should've finagled that into taking a couple of days off out in Bend, 'cause, hey! Resort country!)

By the way, for one of those errands, the person who'll do the errand in my stead is a friend of my boss. He lives in a niiiiiiiiice house in the West Hills (probably far nicer than the one Art Alexakis sang about in "I Will Buy You a New Life"). I entered the house and thought, This is how the other 0.005 percent live. I counted myself lucky I left without breaking anything that costs more than my annual salary.
Tags: work

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