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Related to The Empire Strikes Back

I have thought of this, so I know other geeks must have pondered this as well:

In The Empire Strikes Back, after Luke sets up his camp on Dagobah and says that he's creeped out by the planet, he adds, "Still -- there's something familiar about this place..."

As we know now, at least according to the prequels, Luke never wound up on Dagobah, so he's not remembering a visit. (Yoda went to the planet on his own, with maybe only Chewbacca and one other Wookiee even possibly knowing of his destination. Doubtful that anyone Jedi-affiliated would have risked visiting Yoda after the execution of the members of the Jedi Order and the establishment of the Galactic Empire. And come to think of it, did Obi-Wan Kenobi ever leave Tatooine at all between bringing Baby Luke there in Revenge of the Sith and meeting grown-up Luke in A New Hope?)

I considered that maybe Luke was picking up on a heavier concentration of the Force, but if that were happening, Luke would be likely to mention that specifically, not give a general "something familiar" about it all.

Maybe he's trying to convince himself that it's familiar? That's not what this is. Desert-raised kid with no swamp experience? I've sort of had that. I lived in Virginia Beach, VA my first 2 1/2 years of life, but then lived in Southern California -- converted desert. Then when I was 8 we moved back to Virginia Beach. That was summer 1982. Virginia Beach is right north of the Dismal Swamp. WELL named. The region's heat and the humidity combined with my-then weak constitution, and the result was the weather made me sick for weeks. I'll share but I won't overshare, so this digression ends now. Luke's not trying to talk himself into feeling a certain way.

Luke remembering the future? Far-fetched, but heck, maybe. He did go back to Dagobah at least once. Maybe the Force can do things to your memories. Thinking of possible futures that were close to what would really happen is part of what messed up Anakin Skywalker as shown in the prequels. Again, a reach, but MAYBE. Why not?

It's possibly just an unused thread of something George Lucas, Leigh Brackett or Lawrence Kasdan wrote way back in the late Seventies, a possible hint of something that didn't pay off later. But I sense that there's an explanation somewhere. But someone on the production thought of that line, and I know others out in the world have tried to figure out why.

Theories? Serious ones? Joke ones? Go for it.
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