Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sorry, dream-leonardpart6

Apparently it was VERY important that Dream-Self and Dream-leonardpart6 meet for dinner. It was important enough that when I changed my mind and bailed from it while on the phone with him, I heard leonardpart6 start to say something. Something important. Apparently something important enough that after hanging up I changed my mind and made my way to the mall where we were going to eat, and found a large padded envelope that I somehow knew was from him and was important. Inside it was vintage material from a film version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that was apparently made in both the 1930s and this decade. Oh, and the film showed that a gigantic edifice of a movie studio existed on Portland's Marquam Hill, even more imposing than the OHSU campus that's there now. We're talking Soviet Russia imposing. (Now I kind of wish it had been the Emerald City itself up on Marquam Hill. That would've been cool.)

That's Dream-Importance for you. IT JUST FELT IMPORTANT WITHOUT TELLING ME WHY. Dream-Me just knew.

Apparently there were no hard feelings between Dream-Me and Dream-leonardpart6, as at some point we met in person and hugged. Which also felt Important.

Still. Sorry for my rudeness, Dream-leonardpart6.
Tags: dreams

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