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Home and family and home again

Welcome home, my friends who went to Pi-Con!

I'm home as well. From a family party. This is the last weekend my brother's family are in the area before heading home, and quite a few Walshes and neé-Nelsons made sure to be there as well, "there" being my parents' place in Dundee. Nicely laid-back, considering the gathering involved two 8-year-old boys. It was a talk, do a jigsaw puzzle, read, eat, and look at pictures kind of party. Two different times I sat with two different nephews at a computer, and we watched the screensaver cycle through nearly 40 years of family photos: there'd be pictures of the boys when they were babies or age 2, then there'd be pictures of my folks before they even had children, and many points in between. Even pictures from one cousin of mine's trip to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.*

Home again, home again, and I'm not too tired to do a jiggedy-jig, but do I have the motivation? Maybe I'm more motivated to get to bed.

* I spelled it right the first time! Woo hoo!

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