Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

*insert witty title here once I'm not ill*

Oy: is anyone good at being sick?!

I'm not. And as I've said before, when I'm getting sick I seem to get emotional more easily, and for an intense person like me that's saying something. This morning I saw that today would've been River Phoenix's 40th birthday and, well, fellow Lost fans, my face did a good Jacob impression, if you get what I mean. At one point in the past year or so I realized that me feeling more edgily emotional was a sign that I was getting sick; since I feel unsettled already (and will be getting back to bed soon, fear not), I wasn't surprised at the reaction.

So. I feel wobbly and a little headache-y, and will take today off so as not to exacerbate things.

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