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Feeling better, thank many things, but waiting until some work outside is done to go back to sleep because said work might get LOUD, so I'm futzing about online and saw this Q&A thing, so: why not?

1.) Do you have any pets? No; never since I've lived on my own, though from 1990 to 2004 my family had Sophie, a yellow lab. I've kept feeling that the places I've lived haven't been big enough for dogs, which I'd prefer to get. But I tend to be good with pets, so I want to change that.

2.) Name three things that are physically close to you: A glass of apple juice, a wind-up OmniDroid with Syndrome on top, and a wind-up Boris Karloff as The Mummy. Got that as a fast-food tie-in fall 1999, around when I got to see the original The Mummy on a big screen in fact.

3.) What's the weather like right now? Really nice -- sunny, warm, with a breeze -- though I've been disinclined to go out in it. Resting has been my job today.

4.) Do you drive, and if so do you crash? Yes, I drive. I've had two notable accidents, one in Reston, VA in 1990 -- a mere month after getting my license -- and one in Portland in 1997. I've succeeded in being crash-less since then, though I admit I'm not the best driver and need to be a better driver. There's more to good driving than not crashing!

5.) What time did you wake up this morning? At first, about 3:30. Then at 5:05 to my alarm. Then at about 8:45 because I realized I felt enough like crap that going to work was a bad idea, so in the 7 o'clock hour I notified the proper authorities at work (plus my folks) that I wasn't going in yet, went to bed, and first re-roused myself at 8:45.

6.) When was the last time you showered? Yesterday; when I felt sick this morning, I didn't feel like showering. I will if I run any errands tonight.

7.) What was the last movie you saw? Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. Hardest I've laughed in quite a while.

8.) What does your last text message say? I don't text, but I do use Twitter. Juat used that to share an anecdote with Scott Weinberg about the film What About Bob?.

9.) What's your ringtone? I have no cell phone.

10.) Have you ever been to a different country? Not yet, not even Canada, though I've seen part of it (Vancouver Island, which I could see from the San Juan Islands of Washington; gorgeous spot). I have been out of the country, though, about the mid-Atlantic: I was on a three-day Tiger Cruise aboard the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, the aircraft carrier my dad served on in the late Eighties.

11.) Do you like sushi? Haven't had full-fledged sushi yet: the sashimi stuff that supermarkets sell and call sushi is the closest I've come to it. Still, I have a feeling I'd like it.

12.) Where do you buy your groceries? Mainly Fred Meyer, the one at SE 39th and Hawthorne. Sometimes the Trader Joe's here in Southeast Portland. Four other nearby supermarkets (a couple of Safeways, a QFC and a New Seasons) get patronized by me occasionally.

13.) Have you ever taken medication to fall asleep faster? Short answer, yes. Slightly longer answer, I got a prescription for a Vistaril generic in January 2004, an especially stressful time for me where life-stress and work stress, mainly GETTING FIRED, messed epically with my sleep ability. I stopped using it, except occasionally, after about a week, because I couldn't predict how long it would take for the drug to take affect and I hated feeling dopey. (I have very little experience taking drugs, by the way.)

14.) How many siblings do you have? One, older. He's T.J., full name Thomas Munroe Walsh, Jr. Two-and-a-half years older than me, the father of those two eight-year-old boys I got to chase around the past two Sundays. T.J. and his family live in Northern Virginia.

15.) Do you have a desktop computer or laptop? A desktop. My plan is to have both a desktop and a laptop. I hope I can accomplish that plan soon.

16.) How long till your next birthday? About nine weeks. I'll be the Kevin Smith-alicious 37.

17.) Do you wear contacts or glasses? Glasses. Never contacts. Around second grade I also briefly wore eye-patches in an attempt to strengthen a weaker eye, but I hated the patches and was a lousy eye-patch wearer. Yet another way I'd be a lousy pirate...

18.) Do you color your hair? Never. My color's recolored itself anyway. I was a platinum blond back around 1980 in Southern California; it's darkened to dishwater blond-ish since then. My facial fair used to be reddish; the red's sometimes there now, but it's mainly blond with some white. I once joked that the definition of desperate would be a guy who dyed his chest hair. I plan never to be that desperate.

19.) Tell me something you're planning on doing today. Recuperating. Eating. Drinking (not vodka). Recovery simplifies things.

20.) When was the last time you cried? When I heard my writing mentor Mrs. Webb had died.

21.) What is your perfect pizza topping? NOT pineapple. I burned out on that sometime in the Nineties. And I try to vary my toppings -- sometimes more vegetarian, sometimes MUCH meatier. Maybe feta cheese, which goes good on lots of pizzas, veggie or meat-y.

22.) Do you prefer hamburger or cheeseburger? Never quite decided which I prefer. I've been going back-and-forth between the two in my goings to Five Guys Burgers and Fries the past year or so, especially since that chain encourages you to go perhaps more offbeat with your topping choices. It delights this longtime fan of the Roy Rogers Fixin's Bar where you'd put your own toppings on a burger. They can be great with cheese or without. That wishy-washy enough?

23.) Have you ever had an all nighter? Back in college, which proved to me that I wasn't good at all-nighters. Sometimes in college and occasionally since then I've pulled almost-all-nighters, including when I was on a tight deadline to review Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

24.) What is your eye color? Hazel-ish.

25.) Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? Yep. I try not to drink either (or soda in general) too much, but I indulge. Especially in sugar-made versions like the "hecho en Mexico" Coke and Pepsi Throwback.
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