Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Something awesomely weird for your Saturday morning

On the night of Nov. 22, 1987, two Chicago TV stations had their signals hijacked by a man wearing a Max Headroom mask. First WGN had its 9 o'clock news interrupted by the clip, with only static on the soundtrack, then PBS affiliate WTTW had a Doctor Who episode interrupted by more of the same clip, this time with the perpetrator audible. Through a lot of noise, this person spoke nonsensically, pretended to drink a Pepsi, made an obscene gesture, then showed his naked buttocks getting swatted by someone in a dress while he said "They're coming to get me!" The clip then went to black and ended, before WTTW technicians could stop the hijacking themselves.

The perpetrators of the hijacking remain unknown to this day.

The video, with side view of a naked butt, here:

(Via wordsofastory, who posted it to rm's journal here)

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