Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Confluence. I've seen it happen.

Enjoy what's there. Good idea when you're either A) poor or B) pretending to be poor in an attempt not to spend too much. I have a car, I have gas in it, I have maps for getting around, I have the makings of a picnic lunch: why not drive up to Kelley Point Park, where the Willamette flows into the Columbia? I'd never been there. I've been there now. I spent early afternoon walking the beaches and the paths in the forested areas near the beach. Being the pop culture-addled creature that I am, I looked at the tree line and imagined Lost's beach camps there. Things are more peaceful at Kelley Point than they are "on the island." For a while there wasn't even air traffic, except a seagull here and a goose there, making me wonder if planes banked to the north or south before getting to this point of geography. Then an airliner passed and it was noticeable. I hadn't been missing them.

I walked, got sand in my shoes, watched dogs swim out for balls and sticks, sat on logs, watched boats and barges pass, ate my sandwich and my apple, and swigged alternately water and Dr. Pepper. (My nephews would be disappointed in me for that.) The air was warm and comfortable; the water was warmer than I expected (I stuck my hand in) and comfortable as well. I wondered how much this spot of land looked this way two hundred years ago, when Lewis and Clark went past. How much of what I was looking at was native vegetation? What had been removed, what had been planted? Many ways that places can be modified, and I don't enough geography to see everything that may have been changed. But that's me overthinking the place. The place, it's comfortable, and today was a nice day to experience.

Now I can picture going there in the winter, and it'd be peaceful for other reasons. I wouldn't be touching the water, though.

So. Kelley Point. Now visited by me, and none the worse for wear for the visit.

My plans not to spend too much didn't survive my next stop, to get groceries, because I also took advantage of a couple of sales and bought needed stuff like new sweatpants. My current pair of sweatpants are almost see-through at points. This isn't sexy on me. Now I have sweats I can wear in public.

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