Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Killer Meatloaf

Word of warning, leonardpart6: I liked only about half of the first album by The Killers. I've really enjoyed the singles, and "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" has stayed with me, but the rest...didn't do much for me. But I liked enough that I was already going to try their next album.

That's even more likely now: on the next single, the lead singer, for being a skinny guy, is doing a passable imitation of Meatloaf.

This is good.

I like melodramatic music. I like cinematic, epic-feeling music (it's part of why I'm so big on film scores). The only Celine Dion song I really like is "It's All Coming Back To Me," by Meatloaf's collaborator Jim Steinman. Last month I finally experienced the whole original album Bat Out of Hell. So I was primed to like this.
Tags: music

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