Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


"A cruel man, but fair." -- as was said about Dinsdale. At least as said on that episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
I try to be fair.

Sometimes I don't say or write something because I believe it won't be fair.

Here's an example: I sometimes write reviews. (Heck, at times I've been paid for them. (I'll add that some of those reviews linked there were done on my own, before or after my newspaper writing job, so I wasn't paid for all of those so... Yes, I can twist myself into explanatory knots to avoid lying, or misleading, or unclearishness.)) I was curious about writing a review of a show and then realized I had a potential big personal roadblock were I to try to review it.

The show is the CW drama Life Unexpected.

The roadblock was when I saw a few clips of the show and thought It's like the show is trying to be eccentric and doesn't know how.

That thought deflated my interest in seeing it, interest not reinflated enough by how pretty I think show lead Shiri Appleby is+, and it already had a couple of strikes against it in my mind before I even saw that much, to wit:
* It's set in my town of Portland, Oregon, which the production is faking in Vancouver, B.C. with occasional second-unit stuff here. But hey, my fair town can support show productions, and selfishly I wish Life Unexpected had come here. Vancouver's actually, I must admit, a decent double for parts of Portland -- it has the same sort of early-20th-century kit houses, for instance, and of course similar weather -- but I want to see Portland. Portland is a weird, offbeat, sometimes neurotic and dysfunctional place. It has flair. It's indeed eccentric. I don't sense "eccentric" from Vancouver, but I'm probably not seeing the right parts of it.

* As Portland radio host/force of nature Rick Emerson noted, it's a show with main characters who are morning radio DJs, and the pilot had them waking up for work when it's light out. Morning show DJs get up no later than 4 and sometimes get up at 2. Or earlier. Portland ain't far north enough to have light at 2 a.m. at any time of the year. That detail made me wonder how much the producers were paying attention.
Watching a few more clips here and there didn't help me overcome those strikes. That's when the above thought entered my mind. I found it an interesting thought. I wrote a version of it on Twitter. And while looking further at bits of Life Unexpected, I had those feelings reinforced.

Feelings I'd basically at some level already decided I would have.

So how fair would a review I'd write be? Would it be a going-through-the-motions bit of writing? Would I think I could be spending my time writing about something I could more likely feel passionate about?

Wouldn't it be more fair not to write about it at all?

The result is one other TV show I might pause on in my channel-surfing, maybe long enough to remind myself of what I'd already decided.

There may be more such thoughts some other time...

+ Could she play the lead in the movie of shadesong's life? Dunno. She's short, hot and curvy, but not in the ways 'Song is. And shadesong has a high voice, while Appleby's is kind of low and rough. In a way I like, but still. MUCH different.

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