Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's been too long since I've gotten a picture of myself at a Midnight Movie

Out of the darkness of the Bagdad looms... Out of the darkness of the Bagdad looms...
Me in the Bagdad, before Ferris Bueller's Day Off started. Photo by Carolyn Main.

Not that you can tell because it's black, but I was standing in the Bagdad Theater and Pub waiting for the pre-movie clip show to start when local artist, performer and neat person Carolyn Main snapped this picture for me. I'm having kind of an Adam Savage moment, you think? Except nothing's exploding. (If you want the shot bigger, just click on it.)

Shirt worn intentionally to pimp the goodness of Big-Ass Sandwiches.
Tags: midnight movies

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