Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Miscellaneous thoughts for a miscellaneous day

-- Somehow elegant that my blood-donation reading was Robert A. Heinlein, who got a lot of science fiction fans into donating blood. (I just started The Puppet Masters.)

-- Quick blood draw today: just under 6 1/2 minutes to donate my bi-monthly pint. The blood had no problem leaving my body. In a controlled way, not in a "jugular vein spewing copper-y red life from a massive wound" way. Boy, am I glad blood donation is an exact science.

-- It would be quite a thing to know Jane Eyre in private life. Yes, I just finished Jane Eyre. I never knew until reading Wikipedia that it was first subtitled "An Autobiography," though it was first published under a pseudonym and Charlotte Brontë's life wasn't quite as Gothic as she wrote Jane's to be. Seems that at some level, Brontë -- or whoever made that part of the title -- was being kind of meta. Lovely book, though, with characters actually recognizable as humans, as opposed to Emily Brontë's in Wuthering Heights.

-- The above 19th-century literature reminds me: I want to read more of this blog called Wuthering Expectations. I've had good experiences with literature what is Gothic, so I should keep exposing myself to it. (I've only read one whole Dickens novel -- Hard Times -- plus "A Christmas Carol." This should be corrected.)

-- Had less energy the second half of the day than I'd've liked, but I was able to get out and be semi-social. Went to a party in a SE Portland backyard, around a fire pit. It's getting to be that time when fires are going to be comforting. This was comforting tonight. But I wasn't up to be as social as I wanted to be, so I left before I really started to fade.

Sleeping well tonight seems very, very possible. May it be so for you.
Tags: blood, books

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