Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Re-dubbing: You're Doing It Wrong

Here's to profanity. I try not to use it too much, but it's one of the tools in my bag of tricks, and even without saying them much I think them a lot, and think about them a lot.

I also think about how people avoid them. Especially in redubbing movies for TV. In The Blues Brothers a former band member says "And Jake! Shit! The Blues Brothers!" Someone at a TV station trying to find a way around that profanity decided to slow down the sound, hoping it'd sound like the guy said "Shoot," but it came out sounding like "And Jake! [mechanical-sounding voice] shiiiit [normal voice] The Blues Brothers!" Okay, not all experiments work. As Adam "Mythbusters" Savage's T-shirt says, "Failure IS an option."

At least twice stuff's been redubbed with a sense of humor, and I've gotta give props for that. Like the cable TV edit of Snakes on a Plane:

...and how The Big Lebowski's TV edit couldn't get rid of the car-smashing scene where John Goodman's screaming "See what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass?!," so the re-dubbers did this:

And once, in my experience -- in my glorious, perverse, hee-hee-hee causing experience -- a film that should've been redubbed for television was broadcast on local TV with no redubbing. That film? Paper Moon. I saw it on Washington D.C.'s WTTG Channel 5, and within a minute of my tuning in there's single-digits-old Tatum O'Neal saying "I've gotta go to the shithouse." I love that that slipped through. I don't love that someone had to have been called on the carpet at that station for letting that slip through, but seeing that film in its un-dubbed profane glory on air appealed to me.

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