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THIS. Thank you, rm.

This makes me want to applaud, and better cheer on the people I know working to create their own work, their own something special that speaks to them and others:

So if you want to see more books about gay characters? If you want television with trans characters that aren't murder victims? or asexual characters that aren't treated as ill? If you want movies where the Asian girl isn't the tech geek and the Middle Eastern guy isn't the villain and the main drama about the interracial couple isn't about how they're interracial?

Tell your stories. Write your words.

Because yes, the entertainment industries have a concept of what the marketplace is and doesn't think there's a lot of dollars in the type of stories a lot of us are really fucking desperate for. And yes, we can (if we've the resources) vote with our dollars and time when projects we care about are released. But wow, I am so done with people telling me to be patient.

If you have a story you want to see, write it. And maybe you want to submit that novel or pitch that TV show, but maybe you don't or aren't ready yet. Maybe you just want to write fanfic. Maybe you want to self-publish on Lulu. Maybe you just want to talk about what your dream film would be like or post a wish-list of book concepts you wish you had on your shelves. Maybe you just want to tell the world who you, as an audience member, are.

But regardless of which of the above is the case, all of those things create a critical mass that demonstrates desire.

Because the Internet? Is one of the biggest and cheapest market research labs that has ever existed.

...And while we're here, let's face something else: a lot of pro-writers have come out of, or already exist within, the world of fanfiction. Whether you like their stuff or not or feel it's relevant to this discussion or not, Cassie Clare, Jaida Jones and Naomi Novik are all ours. And they certainly aren't the only ones. And they absolutely, positively aren't the only ones who ever will be.

So every person who works with non-traditional publishing, writing and information sharing online who includes narrative elements that the big publishers and networks are too nervous to give us? You increase the odds. You improve the market research data that is the reality of our existences. You raise the possibility that the next thing that goes from our computer screens into the bookstore is one of our stories...

rm on how writers and other artists can, and need to, use the internet to get more stories out.

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