Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This must be where the going gets weird.+

Now today was an okay day, but occasionally a flummoxing one, and I'd rather not get into that beyond the entry I just posted.

Decompression has been the goal since. Listened to Cort and Fatboy learn the kissing history of their colleague, Livewire Radio and Road House: The Play mastermind Courtenay Hameister (The first one here). Watched selected bits of what's still one of my favorite films ever, Terry Gilliam's The Adveetures of Baron Munchausen. Listened to soul music as collected on the well-put-together soundtrack to the 1995 period film Dead Presidents; over 15 minutes alone of the album is Isaac Hayes. And Curtis Mayfield makes even the End of the World as We Know It soothing ("If There's Hell Below"). Talked music and comedy with rafaela; we discussed times when we've laughed so hard we'd gotten ill. And now, more farting around on these here Internets.

This is a moment in the life of this guy.

+ Title selected purely for making me smile.

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