Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Even more Portland AWESOME

What does Portland have? A prop from Citizen Kane that is bigger than most people.

After Sweat last night, I hung out at Movie Madness to admire both its video collection and its prop collection, and one of the store's latest additions is A LION SCULPTURE FROM MOTHER-FRAKKING CITIZEN KANE.

Drop, my jaw did.

I want to go back with my camera. And ask, nicely of course, if they allow photographs, because, this? Is AWESOME.

(Movie Madness also has a building model from Blade Runner, one of the Maltese Falcons, a knife from the original Psycho, the prop head that John Travolta shot in Pulp Fiction, and a Mugwump from the Cronenberg film of Naked Lunch that's hanging from the ceiling.)
Tags: portland

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