Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Jerry Goldsmith, Novelist

I was dreaming soon before I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray...

A couple of my recurring dream-places recurred last night, as, well, they tend to do eventually.

I often dream of beaches, Oregon-style beaches but with more traffic off of the shore: lots of big ships parallel to the waves. This time it was traffic above the shore: getting buzzed by F-117 stealth fighters and SR-71 Blackbirds going in and out of the relatively low cloud cover. Lots of noise, lots of looking up and searching for the sources of the noise. Both neat and a little unsettling; why so much of a plane presence? The dream didn't say, but dreams don't have to.

I also often dream of movie theaters. I did again last night, but with variations: the theater was, as usual, huge, but half-finished, in a similarly half-finished basement, and hard to find: the entrance wasn't obvious, and was in some kind of mall that seemed to be hiding the theater. The mall's hired help -- especially cute hired help, I noticed -- seemed to be trying to distract me from going downstairs, but somehow I got down there. Neat finds awaited in that basement: something sexy on the screen (I'm allowed some privacy) and all sorts of books I'd never seen before in the unfinished-basement area in what would normally be the lobby area of the theater. One of the books was something pulp-adventure-ish, written in the mid-1940s (and even signed, in now-faded pen) by of all people composer Jerry Goldsmith. That would've been a feat, as A) Goldsmith wasn't a novelist and B) he was a teenager in the mid-1940s. Plus I got the impression that the plot of the book was the same as the plot of one of the 200 or so films he later scored.

Remember, people used to not study what goes on in the head when we're asleep. Then in the 1960s people started seriously doing so, and realized all sorts of odd stuff was going on. Minds are pretty darn active in the night. Maybe we'll one day know much more about why the dream-mind does what it does. In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying my vivid dreams. Which are also almost never nightmares, so I'm lucky that way. Heck, I'll likely keep enjoying what my dream-mind does, even if it does get fully explained.
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