Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Get him to the Geek

First, in case you're having trouble with Twitter, there's a reason for that. Thanks for the link, terri_osborne.

Geek Trivia continues to be a nice addition to my social life, beyond getting me the heck to San Diego this summer (woo hoo!). Yesterday after work, I visited enjoyably with one of the people I've started to be friends with through the event. She works part-time in Backspace, a bar/computer hang in Old Town, and was OK with letting me borrow Season 1 of The Venture Brothers, which for those of you who haven't heard of it is kind of Jonny Quest gone horribly wrong. I've meant to see it, and she's enabling me to. We wound up shooting the breeze for an hour -- jobs, moving, relationships -- and always finding stuff to talk about. She's easy to talk to, and I also got to find a neat space downtown. Another place I can hang out if I like.

Tonight is the latest Geek Trivia, this time not video game-centric like Sunday's special one, so I'll be there and possibly able to answer stuff. (Unless, it turns out, some trivia questions I submitted get used. We'll see what happens.)
Tags: portland

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