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Out early

Reminded! Early morning weekend shopping is rather more civilized.

I spent the 9 o'clock hour at the SE 38th and Hawthorne Fred Meyer so I could get home 10-ish. (Games where large men smash into each other start then. You may have heard.) Fewer people; a gentler pace.

I'm trying to get re-used to grocery shopping. Sometimes it's a headache in a way that it really wasn't 10 to 13 years ago, like when I was on my own and in a new town post-college. I honestly liked grocery shopping. I'm working to like it again. It feels like I'm having to watch more -- and of course, there's always the chance of others not paying attention to where they're going. I maneuver around them and try to avoid my bad habits that make run-ins more likely. I have my bad habits; I try to pay attention to them. Paying attention to others' bad habits is an occupational hazard, but I kind of have to do it. I'd be annoyed with myself if I didn't. I've run into enough stuff to know I don't want to run into more.

(This reminds me: before I learned how to drive, Mom would take me grocery shopping and have me push the cart. Good way to learn spacial awareness while handling something larger than you, before that something-larger-than-you is A FEW THOUSAND POUNDS OF CAR.)

I was also battling my tendency to be slow on weekend mornings. Rarely do I get started early on weekends, even if I wake up not much later than I do on weekdays. (I currently wake up about 5:30 on weekdays. My wake-up time on weekends has varied lately between 6 and 7.) I could've gotten out the door this morning at 8:30, or even 8. As time has gone on, I've felt less and less like a morning person. I'm more an adapt-to-morning person. Maybe I'm more of a night person -- I definitely was at college -- but it's been YEARS since I've really been able to act on that. It helped me to be a swing-shift worker at the call center, back from 2001 to 2004. (Though I never worked graveyard, and I knew it was highly good I never did. That would've been too much being-a-night-person. There's a difference between a Night Person and a Night Owl. Plus when I think the term "Night Owl," I think of Marion Barry back when he was still D.C.'s mayor, and (it turned out) using drugs. Mike O'Meara of The Morning Zoo with Don and Mike would imitate Barry, and often used the phrase "I'm a Night Owl."

So. Not a bad start to the day.

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