Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

While I wait for a program I need to start working again... are quick updates:

* I'll try to get to tonight's 5:30 showing of Clerks II at the same St. Johns first-run theater-pub where I saw the latest X-Men. Askewniverse represennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt!

* I've got to watch more World Series of Pop Culture. (Yay for an actual answer on the show being "Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious!") I flashed back on my trivia contest exploits from last year. I'm enjoying this.

* Hey, leonardpart6, I saw The Daily Show's piece on the book American Bee and now have more reason to watch spelling bees next time I have the chance! Sorry I missed this year's National Spelling Bee (despite your heads-up)...

* This weekend may be a moment of truth re: just how well does my century-old building hold on to cool air? We're expected to hit 103 degrees today (yes, Rest Of The Country, we're catching up with you in the Too Hot To Hoot department) and the building isn't air conditioned...BUT it usually, USUALLY, retains cool air very well. If it does so this weekend, I'll stay home and watch films. If it doesn't, I'll go visit my folks in their cool, cool daylight basement. And, probably, watch films...
Tags: portland

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