Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Keep in mind I was exhausted when I watched The Lost Boys.

Random thoughts now that I've seen and enjoyed The Lost Boys, last night's Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie:
That was pretty ridiculously fun.
Good, engaged crowd at the Bagdad last night. Reciting was almost nil out of deference to the people (like me) who'd never seen the film before.
Was Jason Patric trying to act? Kind of got blown out of the water by Keifer. Just sayin'.
Corey Feldman trying to be a badass hunter of vampires: kind of adorable. Perhaps "adorkable" is the right term here.
I'm still not yet all that big a vampire fan. Longtime issue for me. Keep enjoying them, everyone who does.
I wish dogs liked vampires.
In her own way, Dianne Wiest? Kind of hot here. (She was in her late 30s when she made this, and hey! Now I'm 36. Not much of a difference. That said, Jami Gertz? Also pretty hot.)
Indeed good music. Nicely dissonant for something so mainstream, so well-done, young Thomas Newman, who was seven years away from The Shawshank Redemption when he scored this. Good song selection, too, as lots of you know.
I left wanting to sing "I still believe... I still believe... Through the pain... Through the grief... Through the lines... Through the storms... Through the cries... Through the wars... Oh I still believe!" But me shirtless and oiled up would be hilarious, not sexy, so I left not wanting to do that. (I'd never known that song was from Lost Boys, though I remember it from radio back in 1987 when the film came out.)
YAY: November's film, this time on the second Friday instead of (as usual) the first, is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. One of the relatively few films about Thanksgiving, and still a really funny one.
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