Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'm gonna wash that month right out of my hair

Alternate entry title: You woke me up when September ended

The past month was a wearying month. More than normal. Seemed a struggle to have enough energy. I had low, sour days more often than normal. One of those days worried me particularly: a few Saturdays ago, when I didn't even leave my studio. I realized I was wallowing. Stewing in my own juices. I needed to break out of that. That particular night, a Facebook chat with bonnie_rocks helped re-center me, make me feel better, so: thank you, Bonnie. And I made sure to get out the next day. (You may compare and contrast that with the sour day.) And my efforts since then have been more focused: work towards the better mood.

And do cool things while doing that, as that helps. The Lost Boys screening last night was one such cool thing; this afternoon, where I found enough energy and caffeine to get to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival (neat notes and photos to follow), was very much another. I can keep the past month's difficulties from getting to me. I can let go of those issues.

I can make this month a more positive month.

I hope it's a more positive month for all y'all, too.

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