Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

If I get as green as the icon, then I'll know it's bad. *grins*

Had to go to work today. So it didn't help that I woke up feeling sick. Edge-of-sick, to be more exact, in that annoying limbo of "am I really or am I not" that complicates the decision. No interior body parts were hanging outside my body, in other words (and in other words: EWWWWWWW), so:

Decision. Drive to work, do the minimum of what's needed Monday mornings (ALWAYS busy at my office), drive home. And I followed through and did so, with the boss's OK. Except for once on a weekend, I've never driven to work before, but it was worth it for ease of getting there and being around the minimum number of people. Two hours of being a responsible adult and hoping I'm not infecting anyone. :-/

Soup and sleep soon. Hopefully in that order.

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