Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Breathe different air

Woo hoo! Big news! I went walking beyond my apartment! Several blocks, even!

Since The Sick has not left me yet, I'm taking another day off. Yes, this has gotten old quickly. After this, I'll eat more then sleep more. But I wanted a break and a change of scenery, plus I now have sweatpants I'm not afraid to wear out in public, so I got outside. Just under ten blocks: the park north of my place, a block back and forth on the side of TriMet headquarters where I used to work, and back. No drama on that walk: just sunlight, vitamin D absorption and different air for me to breathe.

Windows are open now to let more of that air in. During the walk I thought Open the windows when I get back. Then I thought, No, open the windows NOW! Yet another time when The Force would be useful in this world, huh?
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