Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Throat and the Sinuses are Not Seeing Eye To Eye

I'm somehow not yet to sleep.

I tried. Even went to bed early, and read until I started to drift, but then I could not get comfortable. Lingering effects of The Sick: throat's sore, and the sinuses are more active than I'd like. I risk either breathing through and thus aggravating my sore throat for the next several hours, or having trouble breathing through my nose. Grr.

So maybe I'll ramble on this for a bit. I'll try not to be gross.

Was actually useful today. That's an accomplishment.

Thanks to the mail, I now have my invitation to my company's annual dinner. This is a well-fed time. I know from experience. Means I'll need to wear a tie, but it'll be worth it for whatever beef dish is being served.

The wait may soon be over. I'd planned not to see Toy Story 3 until it was in second-run theaters, of which Portland has a plentitude, and now -- finally -- it's starting at said theaters tomorrow. I've heard it's worth the wait. *grins*

So: has it been a strange week for you, too? Leading question, I know. Definitely seems stranger from the point of view of This Late.

Oh what the heck, let's close this with a cute link: Johnny Depp visited a London grade school in full Capt. Jack Sparrow costume and attitude. THanks for the link, hughcasey.

And now the REAL close: glory hallelujah, my ears popped! There's less virtual gauze in my ears now!

No, now THIS is the close: the radio just gave me the bounciness of Elvis Costello's "Veronica." I must not be too sick: I feel sort of bouncy now.

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