Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Maybe not even I can explain why this cracked me the hell up.

Conversation caused by cleolinda on Twitter:
@cleolinda The problem with writing Victorian is that you can't have any car chases.

@SarannaDeWylde You could do a mean carriage chase. Horses all frothy and whatnot.

@Mitchyuk horse & carriage chases way more fun. You could go all Ben Hur with them :)

@BitterOldPunk but you can have carriage chases, laudanum-addicted child prostitutes, and doilies everywhere, so that makes up for it. (To which I replied "Doily-disguised throwing stars! :-D Deadlier than Oddjob's hat!")

@darklorelei thrilling high-speed pennyfarthing chases!

@cleolinda HORSES GET TIRED RT @queenanthai: @cleolinda Horse chases HORSE CHASES

@cleolinda Also they are not very good at rolling over and blowing up.

@queenanthai But these are MAKE-BELIEVE HORSES.

@beachpsalms Funny, I'm pretty sure they did roll over and blow up in Van Helsing.

@shadowmaat But when they DO blow up it's a lot more interesting. And messy.

@ksmccarthy24 Well, they do if they die. But you have to wait a while for the explosion. #IcantbelieveIjustmadethatjoke

@alierakieron you could if they were crazy steampunk android-horses.

@SarannaDeWylde Nobel patented dynamite in 1867. So depending, you could have a freak explosion.

@prufrocke Maybe you could fill the horses with nitroglycerin! #NOONESHOULDEVERLISTENTOMEOHGOD

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