Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


A day off. A day to rest and (I hope (YOU HEAR ME? I HOPE!)) get over the various blergs I've been boring you with. Rest and errands, all on my schedule. My office was going to be pretty quiet today, and my boss okayed me staying home. I'll take care of at least one work-related thing from here (all hail Internet and phones!), but otherwise today is for me.

Dreams last night included computer keyboards hooked up to root systems. Below the roots. Could see the water flowing from the ground around into the trees above like in time-lapse photography. Started worrying it would all collapse onto me, so dream-imagery shifted to something Vertigo-inspired (as it does), and then something pregnancy-inspired -- as in, apparently a man of my acquaintance was pregnant. This was a genuinely poignant part of my dream. (I like my dreams.)

But if you don't want updates on me getting healthified or updates on what I see when I dream, maybe you want Conan O'Brian, Danger Seeker:

Tags: dreams, work

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