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Enough to drive.

Out! Behind a wheel! Freedom! Not to mention driving practice!

Yeah. I needed to get out. Again. I rested the first half of the day, took care of one particular job thing by looking at a website and calling someone (a nice someone at a catering place), then got a book and my keys and got Out.

Oh, I just reminded myself that I left one of those reasons I went Out in my car. Excuse me. (Written at 5:11)

5:12: Okay! One more thing out of the car. Damn, blogging is USEFUL.

First stop: the one drive-through ATM my bank has reasonably near my place. It seems a weird indulgence to me to use a drive-up, run-by-a-person ATM, which probably tells you how often I do that (answer: maybe twice a year, if that), but indulge I did. Got quarters. (That's what I retrieved a few minutes ago. It's now 5:15, by the way.)

And then, because I didn't get over enough lanes and thus couldn't make the turn I wanted, I braved driving across the Morrison Bridge and into downtown. "It's good I'm not in a hurry," I told myself, and waited for the bridge to close because, what timing, it had been raised for a ship. Once the decking was back in place, we drove. I noticed a cab do the same maneuver that got me pulled over and subjected to agita back in 2008. With that reminder of bad driving fresh in my mind, I drove around downtown for a bit. Saw where a 7-Eleven is going in not far from my office, and actually figured that it was a good place for a 7-Eleven. I guess the owners hope so, too.

I got back across the river (this time via the Burnside), had lunch out at Grendel's, a sandwich/coffee shop on NE 7th and Burnside that I like, then drove over to the library. There was comfortable weather during all this. Sweatshirt-comfortable, I should say. Beautiful out, and I'm so glad I'm well enough again to get out and enjoy that.

Also saw plenty of driving -- quite a bit of traffic this afternoon, even hours before rush hour -- AND saw plenty of bad driving. I did my best not to contribute too much bad driving to that, as there's plenty already.

Mainly I'm glad I got out. I'm also glad I got home and found my November ballot in the mail. Voting is good.

That as some rambling, which now closes at 5:24 p.m. How's by you?


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Oct. 16th, 2010 01:16 am (UTC)
I'm glad you got out and YAY for driving! :)

Turns out I only have an Upper Respiratory infection and not Bronchitis, which is a good thing. The Doc gave me Avelox (initially I was going to be perscribed Z-Pack but then I said the magic words "Can I have generic because I don't have health insurance?" and so she got me samples of Avelox. So instead of being on a 3-5 day medication (depending on which version I was going to get), I'm on a 10-day medication... but hey, it was FREE. I'll take that over paying through the nose any day!

Oct. 16th, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
Doctors Should Not Try to Joke, Exhibit #146: I was sick in the mid-Eighties and the Navy doc who checked on me said "Well, the good news is you don't have bronchitis. The bad news is you've got pneumonia."

In other news, um, yay not bronchitis! (Seems an odd way to put that.) And it's a small relief that you could get the free generic. The last generic I got (a generic Vistaril for a time when I was having trouble sleeping due to stress), I still had to pay for it.

I really hope you feel better quickly -- quicker than the 10 days, for one -- and it's good you got to the doc. Good to hear you, too.
Oct. 16th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
Avelox isn't a generic, and is in no way related to the Z-Pack.

Storytime: I've been put on Avelox at another time previously. Side effects I get to look forward to: Aches and pains and feelings of sensitivity in the neck area.

At least I won't feel nausea...right? Right??? o_O

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