Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Toy Story 3

Seems right to ramble my thoughts about Toy Story 3:

* This took the concerns of Toy Story 2, also a pretty serious-minded film, and upped them to the nth. The word "apocalyptic" came to mind during the finale. So did the term "jaw-dropping," because at moments my jaw did.

* It's called a "hang-up," Woody. Means you're not thinking things through, and you're being a jerk because of it. At least in the first part of the film. I love that this series (heck, almost every Pixar film) allows its characters to have pretty adult issues, and not always be likable because of them.

* The reveal of Chuckles? SCORE. Dramatic and a visual gag in one!

* It really didn't need to be in 3-D. Just sayin'. (The only recent 3-D release I kind of wish I had seen in 3-D was How to Train Your Dragon. I still feel OK about avoiding 3-D screenings, but that's just me.)

* And whoa, is Pixar good at voice casting. And thank you, Pixar, for the quick shout-out to the second film's Wheezy the Penguin, who has the sad distinction of being voiced by two people who've since passed away (Pixar's Joe Ranft and Robert Goulet).

* Yay Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl having hungry eyes for Buzz! (And those were really hungry eyes, especially near the end.) I honestly didn't expect them to hook up.

* Are there any Wall-E visual references in the junkyard? Seems like there should be.

* I like that it's implied that, if and when he becomes one, Andy will be a good father.

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